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Teaching Assistant

Was a undergraduate teaching assistant for Intro to Python

Work Python
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JPMorgan Chase

Tool for data warehouse to show impact of schema changes on downstream consumers. Frontend visualization displayed data lineage.

Work Java JavaScript Spring React D3
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JPMorgan Chase

Regression testing platform. Used in data lakes to notify of data mapping errors.

Work Java Scala FitNesse Hadoop
Fall Creek

Blueberry breeder. Farmers used to go out into the field, write info about their crops on paper, and later type that into a giant excel sheet. We revamped this process by making a CRUD app designed to run offline first on cheap Android tablets.

Work MEAN KendoUI
Ruekert Mielke

Civil Engineering firm. App generated configurable PDF reports. Also had features like photo gallery, offline-first sync, and more.

Work MEAN KendoUI

Vibrations technology. Created mobile app to view and schedule reports. Had cool animations and "sticky" headers.

Work MEAN Cordova
Heaven Sent Legal

For legal firm. Parsed legal emails into easy to format to send documents to defendants and plaintiffs.

Work MEAN Auth0
Alpine Mechanical Services

Converted PDFs of engineering handbooks into eBook-like app. Indexed with JS version of ElasticSearch to make fast searching.

Work MEAN Lunr
NoInfoPath App Builder

We used an inhouse framework (NoInfoPath) to create web components and apps from JSON configurations. Made a drag and drop webapp that dynamically generated JSON files that made apps.

Work MEAN D3
Merit Scholarship

You can pay for school but can't buy class.

Award Scholarship
Perfect SAT Math

My name is MATHew so they gave me a perfect score

Award CollegeBoard